Why Join DHACA?

Organisations in health and social care are battling challenging financial targets and increasing demand. They need tools to enable transformation, business models that demonstrate the cost effectiveness of new systems, new ways to procure and contract services, help navigating information governance regulations and vitally systems that improve outcomes, care and value for money.

DHACA’s objective is to identify appropriate resources and facilitate fruitful collaborations between the public sector, industry and the third sector, to expedite the development of new ways of delivering health & care that benefit all parties.

Forward-thinking health and care organisations understand the potential value of engaging with their service users through digital channels. Many are starting to make significant commitments to building and procuring systems that enable them to transform their services to a “digital first“ philosophy – portal websites, communications systems, apps, monitoring technologies and other systems to help the public, patients, informal carers and communities self-manage and “co-produce” care services.
This can be a daunting, high-risk experiment for a single organisation, which history shows can end up being steered by suppliers to a limited, proprietary solution that is less extensible, interoperable, and cost-effective than hoped. It is also likely to end up delivering less value to your communities and your organisation than it might have done. By helping you leverage experience and investment from elsewhere and by offering practical advice on issues such as service offers, specifications, open-source software, standards and interoperability, DHACA offers reduced cost/cost-sharing, increased value and functionality of digital services to support independence and self-management that improve outcomes across health and care.

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