DHACA Day III Output (RefArch)


  • Nigel Dallard (Advanced Digital Institute)
  • Damien Hampton (Digital Life Sciences)
  • Ian McNicoll (FreshEHR)
  • Graeme Miller (Dataline Software)
  • Ann Wrightson (CCube Solutions)
  • Richard Silverstein (LexisNexis Butterworths)
  • Jim Charvill (Tunstall)
  • Louise Parberry (InterSystems)
  • Andreas Norgren (Membership Engagement Services)

Suggestions as to how DHACA can assist delivery of NHS England’s Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework:

  • Use DHACA to co-design (with industry, local NHS orgs, …) platform for NHS digital engagement with the public
    • Co-design vital at all phases
    • Learn from open-source distributed development methodologies and governance
    • Don’t let HSCIC/NHS England technologists go off into an “ivory tower” to specify anything alone – do everything in the open, working by consensus wherever possible
    • Publish everything under an open licence
  • Base technical implementation on existing open standards that are agnostic of the business model of actual systems (e.g. FHIR, OpenEHR, SMART), with only minimal changes to create a UK / English profile
    • “Rubber-stamp” eventual technical solution as an NHS Information Standard if needed, but need to ensure that there is a means of constant improvement outside of a typical multi-year fixed standards review cycle
    • Engage with NHS Scotland, NHS Wales, HSCNI to try to ensure maximum applicability/compatibility across four UK home nations as possible, to minimise cost of development
    • Ideally, the open standards on which solution is based will meet the GDS definition of an Open Standard. Realistically, this may not always be possible but, at the very least, they should be free to view, and the licensing terms for use should not disadvantage/be unreasonable for SMEs.
  • Link in with other initiatives, such as GPSoC “IM2” common interface mechanism API development, “GOV.UK Verify” identity assurance scheme, …
  • In relation to the new NHS Choices website, NHS England should investigate what lessons there are to learn from existing open web application platforms, for example that operated by the BBC.

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