DHACA Day III Output (EBM)


  • Garham DeAth (Advanced Digital Institute)
  • Carol Stafford (Intersystems)
  • Mark Bartlett (Geneix)
  • Daniel Moulin (Sitekit)
  • Evangelina Balanou (nuviun)
  • Graham Worsley (consultant)

Suggestions as to how DHACA can assist delivery of NHS England’s Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework:

  • NHS England should use DHACA EBM SIG to develop models that map on to the Benefits and Values approach. Enabling the holistic evaluation of potential redesigned service models [as opposed to current models which focus on economic benefits at the service component level]
  •  NHS England should ask DHACA to host a ‘showcase’ demonstrating best practice as to what has been has been done [time/ cost barrier for SME’s to undertake]
  •  NHS England should use DHACA to facilitate the creation of a ‘partnership’ with the SME community, creating closer links to present scalable opportunities to the community, with access to the necessary clinical resources; skills, knowledge, evidence.

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