DHACA Day III Output (MHealth Apps)


  • Julie Bretland (Our Mobile Health)
  • Anais Marsac (Speakset)
  • Alex Ramamurthy (Speakset)
  • Richard Stubbs (Newham Online)
  • Greg Smart (500 More)
  • Rob Turpin (BSI)
  • Charles Lowe (DHACA)

Suggestions as to how DHACA can assist delivery of  the Personalised Health and Care 2020 vision:

  • The SIG should develop guidance for developers to navigate their way through the regulatory, procurement and policy aspects of medical apps;
    • It should cover regulatory aspects: EU medical devices & data protection directives, consumer protection laws, copyright & licencing laws, patents;
    • To provide clarity over what is (or is not) a medical device – ensure that developers do not inadvertently go down the wrong route of CE marking versus “trust marking”;
    • There is a need to cover Procurement (Organisational versus individual versus prescriptions) and suitable reimbursement models;
  • The SIG would also plan to cover alignment to SNOMED CT, Testing and evidence building  procedures for apps, and integration into EHRs.

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