DHACA Day III Output (B&V)


  • John Eaglesham (Advanced Digital Institute)
  • Richard Dikstra (Belle Media)
  • Leonard Anderson (Kemuri Ltd)
  • Mike Clark (Clark Davison Associates)
  • Sue Tivey (West Sussex County Council)
  • Steve Barnard (Home Farm Trust)
  • Nuno Almeida (nourish)
  • Andy Wilkins (Transform UK)

 Offer to NHS England, Commissioners, et al :

  • Provide digest of existing curated evidence via DHACA SIG to members and to NHS DS / TECS, AHSNs  etc (could be free to individual members but might  require corporate users/ AHSNs etc to take out pay-for membership?)
  • Provide support for evaluation framework for testbeds and other deployments, guidelines on what data to collect, how to contract so that it is collected, etc
  • Support for data capture in New Models of Care ( service improvement KPIs etc)
  • Repository for new service templates and associated data from DHACA members (“open source” model)

Additional notes :

  •  Reaffirmed importance of pathway approach/ service improvement – KPIs as opposed to research approach
  • Better approach to Evaluation will be tightly coupled to New Models of Care, commissioning for outcomes, etc.
  • Unequivocal attribution to individual tech components not as important as tracking overall service improvement – ie rather than focussing on what precise difference the app made within an overall programme of change, measure the overall service improvement using a complex suite of changes. Operationally can modify parameters eg comparing practices that actively push apps versus those that don’t but focus on the overall improvement programme
  • Add support for “decommissioning” in any toolkits ( cf eg Leeds approach to pathway redesign, etc)
  • Emphasised role in “Benefits & Value” KPIs and measures in creating clarity of objectives for service improvement using tech
  • Need a way of “detoxifying” / “generalising” evidence so is not branded as “Bradford” or “Liverpool” but instead as “Kings Fund” or “NHS England” or indeed “DHACA”
  • Cross-sectoral data sharing for longitudinal evaluation should be part of BCF / Integrated Care / New Models of Care pitch/assessment

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