DHACA Day III Output (HE/PV)

Notes on the event

Overall, the SIG feel that we need to do more to support the training of professionals to enable them to better integrate digital tools into their workflow to improve the experience of patients, both in terms of their own workflow and the ability to ‘prescribe’ apps and tools to patients. Duplication of resources in the marketplace was felt to be fine; the issue is how patients and professionals can find the best source or the right source of education and they may need support and signposting for that.

In the morning session:

  • We started to map out a patient journey for stroke with jumping off points where we thought professionals needed education themselves. It was clear that, in the case of stroke, the opportunity is for nurses since they have the more time to support patients than the consultants. They need to understand the opportunities and be comfortable with digital tools for themselves and for patients that could improve patient education and understanding.
  • The group agreed that allied health professionals have a strong role to play in supporting patients. We agreed the SIG needs to work with others to collate case studies and resources that promote to professionals how embedding digital tools can be used to educate patients.
  • Kitemarking of patient education apps was discussed and we would like to understand NHS England plans since the patient viewpoint of a useful app may be distinct from the clinical view.

In the afternoon session:

  • Charles asked us to answer whether ‘avoiding duplication’ was the right question and our group agreed that for heath and patient education, it wasn’t. Having different sources of information is helpful for patients, and having choice raises the game and quality via competition.
  • The need is for signposting that enables people to recognise content that is either useful for their particular needs or better than the rest.
  • The group agreed to explore plans for quality ratings likely to be available to patients (on NHS Choices) and professionals (the HEE TEL portal).

Best wishes, Hilary

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